Carers at Barloworld-Motor-Retail

‘be the Best’ and join the best


Barloworld Motor Retail is a Division of Barloworld South Africa (Pty) Ltd, which sells quality new, used and demo vehicles through various dealerships countrywide. Each dealership consists of a service and parts centre tailor made for each brand. The business is created to offer an one stop shop for our customers, from selling vehicles to offering service and/or panel or parts requirement of your vehicle.

Why work for us:

Our organisation consists of 67 dealerships and various other departments that offer endless career opportunities. In each of the dealerships and divisions, growth and innovation is encouraged. Barloworld believes in rewarding excellence and hard work. ‘be the Best’ and join a dynamic group of people to advance your career.

Barloworld Motor Retail’s value:


Integrity is the power of honesty in everything we do in our workplace. It is the pure actions and the deliverance of the promise we make to one another. Integrity builds and strengthens our characteristic which is transparent in the way we handle and communicate to our customers. We here at Barloworld encourages acts of honesty, respect and openness.


Excellence is the power of intense focus in the performance and work we deliver; in essence excellence has not only become a value but a discipline. Barloworld understands that the quality of our products, services and solutions reflects the culture and motivation of our employees; hence we take pride in what we do and what we can make possible. Barloworld can honestly assure as an organisation that we are passionate about our people, products and service satisfaction.


Teamwork is the power of working together as a team to achieve the company’s vision and mission. Barloworld encourages diverse thinking and decision making from people of different backgrounds and experiences, as long as there is a common goal which is to strive to ‘be the Best’ in what you do within the company. Barloworld provides sufficient training and infrastructure to our people to see and understand the bigger goal and picture; thereafter each employee is sent to do their part in contributing to the overall vision.


Commitment is the power of responsibility towards yourself and your team. Commitment doesn’t only lie towards people but also in protecting our physical assets, brands, information and other intellectual proper.


Sustainability is the power of endurance in everything we do and who we are. Barloworld recognises, progress involves a balance of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic growth. Sustainability starts with protecting the health and safety of our employees and further passed on to motivate our customers to be more efficient and productive. Sustainability also focusses on environmental responsibility and preventing waste and also acting as proactive members of our own communities.

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